Wildflowers of Monterey County

Image of the book cover for Wildflowers of Montery County by David GubernickWildflowers of Monterey County was a collaborative effort and was designed to provide a beautiful color book with easily understood and readable text. It contains 198 pages, with 180 images of native wildflowers, mostly closeup views. A resource section provides relevant information on where to find wildflowers, wildflower shows, hikes, and websites. A thumbnail guide of wildflower images provides an index by color.

Text was provided by master botanist Vern Yadon, Director Emeritus of the Pacific Grove Museum of Natural History. Tim Sachak, Hartmann Design Group, designed a visually stunning book, and Barbara March, Carmel Publishing Company, published and edited the book. Funding support was provided by the Pacific Grove Museum of Natural History and the Monterey Chapter of the California Native Plant Society. The book received a Benjamin Franklin and an Independent Publishers Award.

Published April 2002. ISBN-10: 1886312176 ISBN-13: 978-1886312173 Dimensions: 8.9 x 7.9 x 0.7 inches


Image of page from David Gubernick's book, Wildflowers of Monterey County

Image of page from David Gubernick's book, Wildflowers of Monterey County

Image of page from David Gubernick's book, Wildflowers of Monterey County

Reviewers’ Comments

“Wildflowers of Monterey County, A Field Companion” is a paperback field guide that illustrates flowers in a manner that transcends and amplifies common perspective. It’s an incredibly beautiful book, with 162 lush photographs of Monterey County’s field, forest and dune flowers paired with scientifically correct natural history information. The book joins art and science. It is both visually stunning, as well as educational. Brilliant color images are accented with clinical data presented in a very readable style that encourages the reader to visit county wildlands looking for our floral treasures. — Nikki Nedeff, Wilderness Land Trust, reviewed on Ventana Wilderness Alliance with additional page examples.

The photographs in Wildflowers of Monterey County display a level of photographic artistry seldom seen in a book such as this. David Gubernick’s images effectively reveal the natural beauty of the flowers, but more importantly inspire the reader to head for a trail and explore the beauty of the planet firsthand. — John Sexton, Master Photographer and Author

Gubernick’s gorgeous photographs are enhanced by the appealing text contributed by Vern Yadon, Monterey County’s premier plant authority. The book is an elegant presentation of the diversity and beauty of the county’s native wildflowers… — Mary Ann “Corky” Matthews, Author of “An Illustrated Field Key to the Flowering Plants of Monterey County” and Fellow of the California Native Plant Society

Here is a wildflower book that is good for more than identification…I especially like the new perspective the photographer brings to the subject, not only capturing the character of the specific wildflowers, but giving us a sense of place… — Derek Fell, Garden Writer, Photographer and Author

This visually seductive book is organized around the six botanical regions of Monterey County, with a single page devoted to each flower. The opulent full-page, full-color photographs are accompanied by a brief description of preferred habitat, growing season, and other traits. At the back of the book, the flowers are also indexed by color with thumbnail photographs. Far too beautiful to be taken on field trips, this book will instead entice you out into the field to see these blooms with your own eyes. — Margarita Kloss, Bay Nature magazine.

The Book is Currently Out of Print and Needs to Be Republished

Signed copies of Wildflowers of Monterey County will be available when it is reprinted.

The book price is $28, plus $2.31 (8.25% sales tax within California), and $5 for shipping and handling. Shipping and handling charges may vary.

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