Licensing Images

Image of Cailfornia hills and fog by David GubernickMy stock library consists of thousands of images that areavailable for use and that can be licensed for different purposes. My images have been used by advertising and marketing agencies, art directors, publishers, graphic and web designers, corporations, and various businesses and professionals, including the home décor market.

All images are Rights-Managed with a licensing agreement and usage fee negotiated for each use. Fees are competitively priced and are based upon various factors including usage (e.g., Advertising, Corporate, Editorial, etc.), specific use (e.g., ad, brochure, article, etc.); size of image (e.g., ¼ page, full page), duration (e.g., one-time use, 3 months, 1 year, etc.), print run (e.g., up to 3,000 copies, 5,000, etc.), single or multiple use, exclusivity (exclusive or non-exclusive use by client), country (e.g., USA, England, etc.), and language (e.g., English, German, French, etc.).

For a price quote or a request for submission, please [contact me]. I will do my best to meet your needs and budget considerations. If I do not have an image you need, I will be happy to help you find it.

All images are copyrighted and remain the sole property of David J. Gubernick, the copyright owner.

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